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Synaps® is the next generation of synthetic paper made from high-grade polyester. Polyester films have superior dimensional stability, unmatched lay-flat characteristics, and the look and feel of premium paper. The result: great looking printed applications that hold their shape and color without extra laminating, mounting or coatings. Synaps® is waterproof and resistant to grease, chemicals and other liquids, characteristics that make the product suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. With Synaps®, you can say goodbye to bowing, curling, delaminating and fading, in any environment.

  • Efficient - Synaps® dries quickly without the need for special inks … just like uncoated paper. No need to wait hours or days for the stock to dry, so your projects will be ready faster!

  • Compatible - Printable with offset, HP Indigo and UV inkjet based printing platforms.

  • Reliable - Because of its polyester base, Synaps® will not distort or stretch during the printing process for superior registration on press. You can trust that Synaps® will run consistently each time you print.

  • Strong - Synaps® is waterproof, tear-proof and weather resistant to hold up in the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions.

  • Versatile - With high rigidity and flatness, Synaps® is suitable for a wide range of applications like point-of-purchase displays, durable signage, menus, maps and manuals.



  • Menus Brochures

  • Store Displays

  • Outdoor Signage

  • Instruction Manuals

  • POP Signage

  • Shelf Wobblers

  • Maps

  • ID Cards and Business Cards

  • Plant Stakes

  • Countermats

  • Medical Charts

  • Scored Table Tents

  • Direct Mail

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